International Kissing Day!

Kissing–simply for pleasure and emotional connection. What a novel idea!

Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in Hitchcock’s film “Notorious” (1946)

Is it the most erotic kiss in movie history? Compared to today’s prime-time TV, this is a chaste example. What makes this snip romantic?



Why are kisses included in romance novels?

Sweet kisses, the kind that are meaningful, and not only for prelude to something more, is a welcome component of Sweet Romance. Kisses like this warm readers clear through, show (rather than tell) so much more than the characters might realize about how their partner feels.

…Old movies give us these incredibly sweet romantic love scenes with prolonged kisses. Think of Casablanca, where we see the romance, not the sex, between Ilsa and Rick (aka Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart). Their final kiss is pure romance, the kind that grabs you in your gut and squeezes. ~ Maryanne Fisher Ph.D.

The Almost Kiss

Sometimes known as a “near-miss kiss”

Who knew such a thing was a trope in fiction (TV, movies, books)? Sure, I’ve seen (and read) “The Almost Kiss”, especially in older movies (or G-rated content) where a kiss is a huge game-changer, where the kiss signals a significant change in the relationship.

…the Almost Kiss says as much as a kiss, anyway, since we can see they both want it. But this way, the tension and dreams of shippers remain for the writers to continue to take advantage of.   ~ TV Tropes: Almost Kiss

Why are kisses powerful?

Would you believe a romance–whether animated “kid show” (think Disney) or a G-rated romance novel–without a single kiss?

Are kisses that vital to the development of a romantic relationship?

What are your thoughts? Please scroll down and comment. We’d love to know what you think!

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