by Rayne Hall

Is this title ONLY for authors?

Primarily, yes, but I can think of ten legitimate reasons why this book isn’t just for Authors:

  1.  Readers will understand how to work with their favorite authors–and obtain FREE Review Copies for their reading pleasure, BEFORE the books are available for sale!
  2.  Readers will gain a clear understanding of the value of every single review they post on Amazon, Goodreads, and beyond.
  3.  Readers will gain an easy-peasy template for review writing.
  4.  Readers will understand, clearly, what constitutes an ethical review–and might feel more comfortable!
  5.  Readers will understand their key role in the success of an individual book…
  6.  …. and the success of that book’s author.
  7.  Readers might discover at least one new book review site (I did!) to inform their own purchases…
  8.  … and provide one more place they can leave reviews. (When you’ve fallen in love with a book, don’t you want to tell the world?)
  9.  Readers will understand the disaster of “Fake Reviews”. They’ll know how to spot them to inform their own buying choices, as well as avoid accidentally looking like a “FAKE”, even though they read the book.
  10.  Readers will better understand their favorite authors’ promotions, especially Review Copies (a.k.a. Advance Review Copies [ARC])

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5 stars!

Rayne covered every real method I’ve read about from various industry leaders, and some I hadn’t. This title is thorough without covering the subject to excess. This is a title I’ll reread and refer back to.

Each chapter includes informative content, followed by sections: What Not To do, Advantages of This Method, Disadvantages, Mistakes I Made and Learnt From, and sometimes sections like The Wrong Way–Typical Scenario, What To Say, What NOT To Do, and Is This Permitted And Ethical?

Table of Contents (How can you go wrong with coverage like this?)

ONE: At the end of the book, ask your reader to review

TWO: Ask Beta Readers and Critiquers

THREE: Ask Friends and Family

FOUR: Ask Your Fans and Followers

FIVE: Approaching Book Bloggers

SIX: Approaching Amazon Reviewers

SEVEN: Never Pay for Reviews

EIGHT: Think Twice Before Swapping Reviews

NINE: Caution with Review Circles

TEN: Virtual Book Tours

ELEVEN: Book Review Agencies

TWELVE: General Product Review Agencies

THIRTEEN: Giveaways

FOURTEEN: How to Send Books

FIFTEEN: How to Respond to Book Reviews

SIXTEEN: How to Get Positive Reviews

SEVENTEEN: Why Negative Book Reviews Can Boost Sales

EIGHTEEN: Negative Reviews Which Have Nothing To Do With Your Book

NINETEEN: Funny Negative Book Reviews

TWENTY: How Other Authors Get Book Reviews


  1.  Rayne’s examples cover virtually every known avenue
  2.  … and does so with concise, clear language. Easy, instructive, and informative reading.
  3.  Consequences (good and bad) will help you make the best decisions for your business.
  4.  Avoid fields booby-trapped with numerous scams!
  5.  Book reviews are only as good as their quality. As not all review sources are created equal, learn to discern the BEST!
  6.  Help to aim for the highest ROI (return on investment).
  7.  Chapter 20 contains methodology from numerous successful authors, giving details!
  8.  Honest, bald truth about what works, and what is ineffective will inform YOUR choices.
  9.  How-To’s, Warnings, and Disclosures will save you significant money… you need not learn the hard way.
  10.  Save time learning what doesn’t work; Rayne’s disclosures outline what methods prove time-consuming for low ROI.
  11.  –BONUS TIP– In the space of a 1 or 2 hour read, understand where to begin, what avenues appeal to YOUR personality, and know how to implement the idea with greatest success, lowest cost, while avoiding pitfalls.

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Who is Rayne Hall?

Rayne Hall is a fantasy and horror writer, editor of the Ten Tales anthology series and author of the bestselling Writer’s Craft series. Her short stories have been published in many anthologies, and some of her books have been translated into several languages.


She has lived in Germany, China, Nepal, Bulgaria and Britain. A trained publishing manager, she has worked (sometimes at the same time) as a museum guide, investigative journalist, magazine editor, adult education teacher, tarot reader, and belly dancer.


She loves walking, reading, gardening and training cats.


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