Vintage Dental Ad Rubifoam

Hoyt’s German Cologne advertisement, including Rubifoam (for the teeth): a perfect liquid dentifrice. Price 25 cents. From Ladies Perfumed Calendar, 1899. Manufactured by E. W. Hoyt & Co. of Lowell, Massachusetts, United States.

Vintage Tooth Care Advertisement for Felt Tooth Polisher

Various online searches for “Felt Tooth Polisher” credit this advertisement to the year 1883, but give no explanation as to the nature of the tool. We might simply assume it’s a device for polishing teeth, made from felt.

Advertisement Calverts carbolic tooth powder

Calvert’s Carbolic Tooth Powder, Manchester, England. According to Wikipedia, Carbolic soap is a strong antiseptic.

In August 1865, Dr. Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister applied a piece of lint dipped in carbolic acid solution onto the wound of an eleven-year-old boy at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, who had sustained a compound fracture after a cart wheel had passed over his leg. After four days, he renewed the pad and discovered that no infection had developed, and after a total of six weeks he was amazed to discover that the boy’s bones had fused back together, without the danger of suppuration.

In 1894, William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme introduced the first mass-produced carbolic soap to the market, Lifebuoy.

Source: Wikipedia

Vintage Dental Ad Wright's Antiseptic Myrrh Tooth Soap

From a print ad offered on Amazon, Wright’s Antiseptic Myrrh Tooth Soap was for sale in 1885, possibly earlier and possibly later.

Cocaine Toothache DropsIn 1885, cociane was a common pain reliever found in medicines, including teething drops for infants, toothache drops, coughs, female complaints (menstrual cramps), and patent medicines.


Rubifoam tooth powder advertisement

alina Poudre dentrifice tooth powder

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