I’m a sucker for a good love story–one that engages my emotions and makes me care for the fate of the hero and heroine. I’m a hopeless romantic. I want that romantic couple to be significantly better off (in every way) because of their partnership with the other. A stronger person, because of what the other brings out in them, more resourceful, healed, and so committed to the other, I know the relationship will weather whatever comes next (after the book ends). I want resounding joy and happily ever after. They’ll have to work hard to earn it, but once they do, I want to know it’s forever.

Many different types of romances make me sigh with satisfaction, but one of my personal favorites is the Second Chances Trope. After all, look how inherent the conflict already is, just by choosing a second chances love story: One might want to try again, might be willing to admit he or she harbors love for the other…but for a million reasons (baggage, leftover from the breakup, maybe) the other isn’t. No one likes that kind of rejection.


Merriam-Webster defines trope as a “figure of speech.” For creative writer types, tropes are more about conveying a concept to the audience without needing to spell out all the details. [source]


Second chance romances, a subgenre that centers on couples who learn to love again years and years after their first encounter.

Catherine Kovach

Maybe they were friends who lost touch, or young lovers who were cruelly separated from one another, or maybe their romance simply faded away—wrong time, wrong place. Navigating a new love with an old flame can be complicated by past history, but second-chance romance is a tried-and-true romance trope for good reason.

~ Booklist Reader

I will add that some Second Chance Romances include situations where the couple has no romantic history, but one or both have been hurt deeply in the past. They no longer trust romantic partners. They may have sworn off dating / courting / marriage. The heartbroken pair ends up happily united–because each (or one) dared risk, and ended up with a second chance.


        1.  Goodreads readers have a list (Listopia) of “Best Second Chance Romances”, including Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice.
        2.  This Goodreads list shows thousands of “second chance” romances, identified as such, usually as a subtitle.
        3.  Remember movies with a Second Chances Theme? Such as The Lake House (the list contains 23 more!–such as 13 going on 30)


I’ve written two Second Chances Romances in the past couple of months. This Noelle (12-31-16) and Pleasance’s First Love (1-13-17) are both about Second Chances…

This Noelle explores a second chance for a married couple, while Pleasance’s First Love is about a couple who’d always felt destined for each other but time and conflicting desires got in the way (and a bad break-up). They finally have a chance to reconnect: some things have changed, others never will. Do they have a hope of making their love last?

Writing these two stories not only gave me the chance to delve into the hearts and minds of couples fighting to make their love last, but gave me the precious opportunity to explore how I’d feel, if I were in their shoes.

Remember the 2005 song from Little Texas, “What Might Have Been“? That one always breaks my heart. I guess because I’ve been seriously, desperately, madly in love only once in my life–with my husband of 29 years. Had we been separated, somehow, during our courtship years or early marriage, I’d want another chance. I guess that’s the romantic speaking.

That song also reminds me of a previous romance–a man I was engaged to marry (and I broke it off) long before marrying my husband. I think of that relationship too, and feel like I dodged a bullet. What might have been, with him, would have been a very different road…and one I’m glad I didn’t travel.

Some romances weren’t meant to be. Others, fans of romance will always believe, deserve another chance.

If you’ve not seen this music video (by LITTLE TEXAS)–I urge you to watch it! It tells a wonderful, heartwarming story of Second Chances…and it never being too late for another chance at love.

What Second Chance Romance book (or movie) is among your favorites?

Do you like the Second Chance Romance? Why or why not?

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Book Description: Pleasance’s First Love

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