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A Sweet Historical Mail Order Bride Romance (rated PG)

The Husband-Maker Trilogy, Book 2

[Note: Each book in this trilogy stands alone and may be read in any order]
Intended for his brother, but perfect for him.
What’s a cowboy to do?

California 1896

She’s given up everything to seize her dream…
Julia Tyndall knows exactly what she wants: freedom and her choice of husbands, far away from Baltimore society.

Holmes’s letters won her over, but it’s the work-hardened, beautifully imperfect reality in denim and chambray that steals her heart. But it’s not Holmes she meets on the train platform…it’s his brother.

Days stretch into weeks and Holmes is nowhere to be found. How is a bride to remember and honor a marriage agreement when her groom’s never around?

He’s losing his heart to his brother’s bride…

Conrad Macquarie doesn’t have much patience for women on his dairy, even his brother’s bride. She’s enamored with the intricate workings of his dairy enterprise, too intelligent, uncommonly beautiful, a far sight too appealing.

Worse yet, she’s the only woman who’s ever seen past the scarred surface to the man beneath. Every moment spent with her blurs the familial lines, heating friendship into more than he should take. But it’s so much less than he wants.

If Holmes doesn’t get himself home soon, there’s no telling what lines Conrad just might cross.

The Cowboy Steals a Bride is a full-length historical romance of approximately 95,000 words (376 paperback pages).
This is a stand-alone sweet (wholesome) romance, complete with hard-earned happy ending. It is the second book in the Husband-Maker Trilogy.

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