The Doctor Claims a Bride

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former tentative title: FINALLY A BRIDE

A Sweet Historical Romance (Rated PG)

The Husband-Maker Trilogy, Book 3

[Note: Each book in this trilogy stands alone. While connections between books contribute to reading enjoyment, it is not necessary to read them in order.]


She’s promised to the other guy…

California 1896

Lillian knows exactly what she wants, and her decade-long “understanding” with the preacher’s son proves it. She’ll marry Andrew, her childhood sweetheart…eventually. Everyone knows it’s only a matter of time until he puts a ring on her finger and they set a date.

But The Three Husband-Makers—Andrew’s father and his cohorts—have grown mighty impatient and determine to shove Andrew off his patootie. They have successfully seen two other sons safely wed, so they turn their attentions firmly to Andrew and Lillian.

Their plan to tip the scale begins with encouraging the handsome young doctor to court Lillian, just enough to show Andrew what he might lose if he doesn’t act. But the best-laid plans spiral out of control and before they know it, Doc Flint Maddox is vying for Lillian’s hand. Prior to their intervention, they believed Lillian’s commitment unshakable…so why is she smiling at Maddox like a woman in love?

The Three realize their meddling may have gone too far this time. How will they salvage Andrew’s future happiness with Lillian?

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