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Every book, every training, every software and gadget I promote are resources I’ve fallen in love with, use, and would recommend highly if you and I were out to lunch together and talking business. If I’m not using it–and loving it–I don’t recommend it. That’s my guarantee.

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Scrivener is the BEST software for writers–managing everything from the WIP (work in progress) to every tidbit of research to the finalized kindle edition eBook. Scrivener is SO much more powerful than Microsoft Word, you’ll wonder how you ever managed, ever got by! Best of all, Scrivener is the least expensive investment you’ll make at $45.

Like any quality software, the learning curve can be steep. The best investment I made in accelerating that learning curve and maximizing my own success with this power software was to enroll in “The Scrivener Coach’s” Learn Scrivener Fast program. Not only did I have immediate access to both video (with quality instruction) training, but step-by-step (with screen-shots) written instructions (separated for Mac and Windows). [Click on either Scrivener image for more information. Your price will remain the same, and Joseph Michael will grant me a commission for referring you.]

When I needed a refresher on one simple step, it’s easy to find it again–as the training is broken down into segments just a few minutes long. So using the training on the fly–while working–is simple and efficient. No wasted time!

Learn Scrivener Fast is so easy to use, whether diving in to maximize your understanding to begin strong, or in the middle of working and needing a quick reminder of how to accomplish a specific thing in Scrivener–the “table of contents” is workable, simple, and straightforward.

Dan Wells on Story Structure:

The moment I watched these video recordings of a class he taught at a writer’s conference, everything made glorious sense to me. I’ve used this explanation of the significant elements of plot for my past ten books and for me, it’s a significant improvement over methods I’ve attempted in the past. I recommend watching, learning, taking notes, and benefiting from Mr. Wells’s instruction. [Note: The music on these YouTube-posted videos is terrible. Sorry about that–I had nothing to do with it.]

I’m a huge proponent of accurate research when writing fiction. I want my stories–even if in a fictional town–to be set in a very real place. I research everything from political attitudes of the time to laws and rules of decorum to prices and etymology of phrases. My personal preference. I know I’m at one end of the spectrum while many authors are on the other (or somewhere middle of the road). And that’s okay. To each his own.

Newspapers as a Primary Source

I reference numerous newspaper clippings in my blog articles about various Old West topics–and many of them find their way into my published fiction books. Thus far, the vast majority of these newspapers cited have come to my attention through

There are two groups of people: those who have had a storage failure and those who will have one soon.

(3-2-1 Rule states) You should have:
​3. At least three copies,
2. in two different formats,
1. with one of those copies off-site.

~ Peter Krogh


An interview conducted by Caryl McAdoo for, with Q&A– my answers, including recommendations and advice for new writers.


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