Write Your Book in a Flash.

Write Your Book in a Flash by Dan Janal

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I read and studied Dan Janal‘s Write Your Book in a Flash: A Paint-by-Numbers System to Write the Book of Your Dreams–FAST! Why? The publisher contacted me and invited me to read and review a copy of the book. I accepted the PDF, studied, and read. Recently, the perfect opportunity arose to actually USE the book’s principles while writing an important but brief nonfiction title. I applied Dan’s principles and can now easily see their brilliance.

I liked the simple instructions and encouragement to see the big project as a series of definable, easy-to-follow steps that gradually see the process all the way to completion. No reason to pause, doubt, or hesitate. Even if you’ve never organized a project of any kind, this book puts everything you need in your hands.



The book I wrote “by the numbers”

Image: The book I wrote by the numbers (Dan Janal's recommended method): Book Description: Walk a Mile in My Shoes by Kristin Holt.

My review is based upon personal experience with Write Your Book in a Flash‘s content. I still see myself as a fiction novelist but will no doubt write more nonfiction pieces as the need arises.

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