Apology to Readers regarding Josie: Bride of New Mexico

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Dear Readers,

My sincere apology for uploading a poor quality book content for JOSIE: BRIDE OF NEW MEXICO release day (1-4-16). My mistakes included a duplicate scene in Chapter 23 (the last chapter), cases where I made “the mommy blunder” of calling one sister by her twin’s name, an instance where I called Adam (Josie’s husband) Richard (Lessie’s husband, the twin sister, whose book LESSIE: BRIDE OF UTAH released on 1-2-16). I found dropped words and A couple truly horrifically misspelled words. I even managed to leave in scraps of a story line I’d cut throughout because it wasn’t working– the bad guys had poisoned Adam. It’s jarring at best to read about poisoning and the after-effects when the poisoning never happened. I corrected the story line explaining why Josie was indeed a bride of New Mexico as I’d originally plotted.

At my very earliest opportunity, I corrected the document based upon very kind emails (through my website or to the email address I provided in the back of the book) and Facebook contact from readers who let me know what I’d done wrong. I am immensely grateful to all who reached out to me, expressed their disappointment and provided help to show me where the errors were. The new “clean(er)” Second Edition was available to readers approximately 25 hours after the book went live. It takes Amazon a while to do whatever it is their machines do to properly assess the content and replace it.

I’m relieved future readers will have a better copy and a much improved reading experience. But this doesn’t help those who bought or borrowed (kindle unlimited) JOSIE immediately after release… and loyal, trusting readers deserve a far better reading experience. This breaks my heart.

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I’ve done a few things to correct this problem.

First, I fixed all the errors I could locate and replaced the damaged copy on Amazon.

Second, I posted an apology on Facebook, hoping many readers I’ve connected with there would know I’d made corrections and a much improved copy was available.

“Feeling: Sheepish. Knocked upside the head. “Schooled”. Fallible. Human.
I take full responsibility (as I well should) for a copy of Josie: Bride of New Mexico that was released on 1-4-16… with mistakes. The good news is the bloopers have (for the most part) been repaired. New copies will be correct. Current owners can accept an update when offered within their digital library.”

Third, I’ve updated the product description, which will actually post on the product page on Amazon within 12 hours. It now reads:

** SECOND EDITION: “Errors referenced in reviews have been corrected. Readers who purchased within approximately 26 hours of release (or who discover their copy contains the duplicate scene in Ch. 23) may obtain the corrected book by Account –> Manage Content and Devices –> delete and download again (no charge). Sincere gratitude to all who contacted me, left reviews, and otherwise assisted in the update process, as my blunders have been a significant embarrassment to me. My official apology can be found on my Facebook profile and my website (www.KristinHolt.com). With warm appreciation, Kristin Holt.” **

Fourth, I posted a similar apology within Pioneer Hearts, the amazing Facebook Group of Readers and Authors of Western Historical Romance. This group banded together to create the American Mail-Order Brides Series and the Readers in this group are some of the most genuine, gracious, fantastic supporters I’ve ever known, and many have been reading these books every single day since they began releasing on 11-19-15 (through the last book tomorrow, 1-7-16).

I am hopeful the majority of kindle owners will be familiar with the process of removing a purchased or borrowed book from their device and downloading a fresh copy. My understanding is that this process will “refresh” and allow readers to read the quality copy they should have had in the first place.

A discussion on the Kindle Boards covers how to make this happen, and how these replacements and updates can occur (depending upon your settings) without the need to do a thing. Please, if you are having difficulty updating your file, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll do my best to assist you with this process.

Fifth, I will have a careful discussion with the Amazon representatives to see what readers might need to do, if anything, to be able to download the updated copy. If anything about the process or capabilities of different e-readers is anything different than I’ve described here, I will update here and on Facebook and reply to every single email I receive to ensure the word gets out. I sincerely want all readers who have purchased or borrowed to be able to read the cleanest, best copy possible. After all, I wrote this book for YOU. I’m embarrassed, and I’d like nothing more than to correct the issue.

Update: 1-14-16

KDP emailed buyers

I’m pleased Amazon has sent an email to customers who own the book (the way their email, above, is worded, it’s probable this email was not sent to KOLL or KU subscribers who borrowed the book during its first 25 hours). My heartfelt thanks to Amazon, whose representatives have made this problem significantly better.

end of update

I am mortified that a less-than-acceptable quality new release went out to readers. I’ve learned I’m fallible, human, prone to error, and the last few steps I cannot skip when preparing a book. I vow to be ever so much more careful in the future. You deserve better. Every reader deserves a quality book and an enjoyable reading experience. I can do better, as my previous eight books attest. I promise you this– I will do everything I possibly know to do so that future releases are right the first time.

Please accept my apology.

With heartfelt appreciation to so many, and to YOU for ‘listening’ to (reading) my apology.

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