I’m pleased to announce new artwork for the Husband-Maker Trilogy: THE MENACE TAKES A BRIDE, THE COWBOY STEALS A BRIDE, and (soon) FINALLY A BRIDE. I’ve worked with some very talented artists and am pleased with the results.


Why buy new clothes for books?

Within the next month, both THE MENACE TAKES A BRIDE and THE COWBOY STEALS A BRIDE will be available from Amazon.com in paperback.  If I had to create wrap-around covers anyway, might as well give these books new duds for the occasion. Besides, I like the idea of an image of Mitzi enjoying Garth’s chocolates and Julia waiting in Conrad’s company. There’s something just right about a heroine on the cover of a sweet (G/PG) romance novel cover.

Stay tuned for the cover art reveal (and the book to follow later in 2014) of the third installment in the trilogy, FINALLY A BRIDE. For those of you familiar with the trilogy, this is Andrew and Lillian’s story. The Three are determined to shove Andrew off his patootie and get him good and married to Lillian, who’s been waiting on him for a decade. Andrew’s father, Pastor John, has made appearances in the first two books in the trilogy (MENACE, COWBOY), but this time he’s working hard to protect his son’s precious relationship with Lillian from his friends’ shenanigans. He’s sure his cohorts will mess things up beyond repair—as they insist on brining Dr. Flint Maddox into the game. I hope you’ll join me for this romantic comedy wherein Lillian is FINALLY A BRIDE.

In the meantime, look for a few mail order bride novellas to make their debut— in a  new series (unrealted to The Husband-Maker Trilogy).    If you’re interested in catching my new releases, please take a moment and sign up for my once-in-a-great-while newsletters.  You’ll be the first to hear about new books and special sales.

THANK YOU to the Artists:

The cover art for THE MENACE TAKES A BRIDE is by Heather Holt (heatherholt.carbonmade.com , heatherh.holt@gmail.com).

The cover design of THE COWBOY STEALS A BRIDE is by Elaina Lee (www.ForTheMuseDesign.com).

Copyright © 2014, Kristin Holt, LC