Book Description: The Witching Eve

Book Description: The Witching Eve

THE WITCHING EVE: A Holidays in Mountain Home Short Story, Title #7

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Book Description: The Witching Eve

Blame it on the moon.
Before U.S. Marshal-turned-Sheriff August “Gus” Rose fell in love with Noelle Finlay in THE MARSHAL’S SURRENDER, their paths crossed on Halloween. That full-moon night might have begun like so many All Hallows Eves in Noelle’s life, but quick as a wink, the parlor games take a turn for the worse. What better place to tell ghost stories than in a haunted house?
“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.”
What is lawman Gus to do when the trouble-seeking girls use his house–complete with cobwebs and shadows–for their ghost stories? Will he arrive in time to save Noelle?
Set in 1900, this sweet, clean (language) western historical romance SHORT STORY is a stand-alone title in the Holidays in Mountain Home Series. This short story is 57 paperback pages long, including front- and back matter.

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The Witching Eve

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The Holidays in Mountain Home Series:

The Witching Eve is the FIRST Short Story in this Series!

Holidays in Mountain Home Series

A now outdated image of various titles in the Holidays in Mountain Home Series. See the now individually published The Gunsmith’s Bride, along with the Halloween short: The Witching Eve, and the long novella Unmistakably Yours.

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