Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

It’s the gift-giving season. You may have an ever-growing list of people you want to remember this holiday… family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, the kids’ teachers, book-club associates, even the mail-man. You might have readers on your gift-giving list, but have you considered adding a favorite author or two?

An Author?

Sure. Why not? I’m not talking about traditional gift-giving. Something neat wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow-ribbon and presented in person. I’m talking about little, simple gifts that show appreciation and “hey, thanks for the hours of reading enjoyment” kind of little things that can go a very long way to adding joy and happiness to an author’s merriment this season.

How to LOVE an Author

A little list of additional ideas:

1.  Send a handwritten note. I received a thank you note from a reader, mailed to the business address I provided as my return address on a package sent– she won a prize at a Facebook event– and it made my whole day! My mailing address is also provided in the footer of every newsletter I send out. I know other authors do the same thing– I’ve seen their mailing addresses and thought about sending them a note of appreciation.

2.  LIKE their Facebook Page (this is different than a profile). A “Page” is their business presence on Facebook. It’s a vote of confidence, shows other browsers your favored author has followers, fans, people who enjoy their books. It just might nudge someone else to give that author’s books a try.

3.  Add her new titles to your Goodreads “To Be Read” list. Why? Because this step also shows others your interests, your likes, and because other readers on Goodreads have stumbled across your profile, they likely were browsing books you’ve read. They’ll see your quiet recommendation for books like those they’ve enjoyed and this can only help your favorite author(s).

4.  Contact your author through their website when you’ve finished reading their book… and let them know you liked it. I’ve heard from many different readers in this way, and it’s always a most pleasant surprise. What a terrific way to start my work day, sitting down to write, knowing someone loves my work!

5.  SHARE their blog posts, FORWARD new book release announcements, LINK to their articles, HELP SPREAD THE NEWS when a book is on sale. These simple, quiet acts of support mean the world to an author, and can make all the difference in assisting readers in finding a new (to them) author they’ll thoroughly enjoy reading.

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Up next, how to easily write helpful book reviews. It’s simple… and one of the nicest (most valued) gifts you can give a favorite author.

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What would YOU add to this list? How else might you LOVE an Author?

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