Series Description: Six Brides for Six Gideons

Kristin Holt | Series: Six Brides for Six Gideons


Series Description: Six Brides for Six Gideons

What would happen to six young brothers, if, for reasons beyond their control, they were separated as young children? Picture this life problem back in the mid-nineteenth century.  If the parents walked out, abandoning the boys–or if they simply died–could be no one near about would know about their kin. Where did they come from? Who are their people?

With all those new westerners playing their cards close to their chests, could be nobody knew their real names, much less who to contact in case of an untimely demise.


Children Worked

Tiny boys would’ve been fostered by family–maybe. If that didn’t work out maybe some kindly woman (her husband’s decision) would take the little tykes in. At least until they could be counted on to help work on the farm like her own children.

The older boys would’ve been put to work right away, earning their keep. Boys were expected to do the work of men by the time of early adolescence. Girls were trained from their earliest steps to assist Mother and other women and girls with every housekeeping chore from gardening to tending the stock to employment in factories.


How will they find one another again?

As the Gideon boys grow into manhood, all of them wonder about their childhood family. Some remember their name but little more. Some recall a parent’s name. How will they, with the resources of the late nineteenth century, find their roots?


Brides for all?


Yes. Six Brides for Six Gideons. And yes, I’m planning seven titles. I freely admit math eludes me, though my intentional “+1” page makes an odd combination with the series title. I hope you’ll enjoy the role that their wives play in bringing the lost brothers together again. Each lady’s role differs from the others, and each helps in her own sweet way. I hope you’ll watch for these unique expressions of character and familial love in each story.

Each Gideon brother’s One Great Love interrupts his life at the least-opportune moment. Each man’s love story concludes without a hint of a cliffhanger, though the family reuniting thread must of necessity remain open. When the spotlight turns to another Gideon brother, the former hero and heroine become secondary characters.

Each book stands alone (at least through No. 3) as we meet and become acquainted with (and enjoy the happily ever after!) three Gideon brothers. Books four through six will complete the series as the brothers reunite and rebuild their family story. Book seven? Top Secret–for now.


And Then What Happens?

Surprises and disappointments offset joy. “Truths” evaporate in the noon-time heat and light of discoveries. More than one shock awaits them, and more than a heap of trouble. It seems the family may have dissolved because of malicious and criminal attacks.

Can six brothers, reunited after far too long, reconstruct the story of their parents’ lives? As the pieces fall together and memories of the eldest brothers piece together their spotty memories, they search for people who knew their parents. it seems the Gideon family had more than six boys. If they can find her, somewhere, they have a kid sister. Okay, no longer top secret. Yet there you have the answer!

Now far more than an inheritance hangs in the balance: Justice. Truth. Honor.

Can they solve the mystery of what happened–and why–before it’s too late?


Titles in Series: Six Brides for Six Gideons


1.  Gideon’s Secondhand Bride (John Gideon & Permelia)
Kristin Holt | Book Description: Gideon's Secondhand Bride

2. Courting Miss Cartwright (Rocky Gideon & Felicity)
Kristin Holt | Book Description: Courting Miss Cartwright

3. Pleasance’s First Love  (Jacob Gideon & Pleasance)
"Book Description: Pleasance's First Love" by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt.

4. UNNAMED! Forthcoming, Six Brides For Six Gideons, Book 4.

5. UNNAMED! Forthcoming, Six Brides For Six Gideons, Book 5.

6. UNNAMED! Forthcoming, Six Brides For Six Gideons, Book 6.

7. UNNAMED! Forthcoming, Six Brides For Six Gideons, Book 7.


This Series has a Brand New Look!

This book cover served both the kindle edition and the paperback very well from the story’s beginning:

Kristin Holt | Series Description: Six Brides for Six Gideons. Book Cover Image: Gideon's Secondhand Bride by Kristin Holt

New cover, copyright © Inspire Creative Services:

Kristin Holt | New Book Cover: Gideon's Secondhand Bride, Related to Series Description: Six Brides for Six Gideons.


Gideon’s Secondhand Bride and Courting Miss Cartwright will both don their new covers within the next week. Paperback updates might occur in the near future. Until then, paperbacks with original covers remain available.

The rest of the series Six Brides for Six Gideons will be dressed in beautiful covers matched with Gideon’s Secondhand Bride (pictured here). As the covers are ready, I’ll post them on their book’s page.


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Series Description: Six Brides for Six Gideons