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About Kristin Holt

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About Kristin Holt

USA TODAY Bestselling Author


Hi! I’m Kristin Holt. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll share a few things about myself, Kristin Holt. The Author.

(Why ‘author’? I imagine the very well-known celebrity figure also known as Kristin Holt (not the author) might roll her eyes at the possibility someone might confuse me for her, but stranger things have happened.)

I recall the winter of my first grade year, basking in the heat from our fireplace in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dad read aloud Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and Mom peeled orange segments for us to enjoy. That was the definitive moment I fell in love with fiction.


Who I’ve Been

My varied past includes:

  • Attending 5 elementary schools, 2 junior highs, 1 high school, and 2 universities
  • Working as an RN in Labor and Delivery and Certified Childbirth Educator
  • Delusions of Medical School
  • Piccolo section leader in marching band
  • 7 surgeries (maybe 8…I’ve lost count)
  • Collecting enough fabric, patterns, and notions to fill more space than my card-making paper supplies—and that’s really saying something
  • 30+ years of marriage to one wonderful guy and raising our four children
  • Residence in 7 states
  • Visiting romantic locales: Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Brussels, and Paris
  • Shedding 70 pounds, working for Weight Watchers of SLC as Receptionist, Leader, and ultimately, Territory Manager


Writing Credentials

I’ve served as Vice President in my local chapter of Utah RWA and Chairperson of the 2015 SLC Readers Luncheon. Several of my titles achieved bestseller status on Amazon.com. On June 28, 2016, Mail Order Bride Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology, reached #10 on the Bestseller list on Barnes & Noble, overall. One day earlier, this collection reached #19 overall on Amazon’s Kindle (paid) bestseller list. On July 7, 2016, this title debuted on the USA Today Bestseller list at #101. In 2018, Sophia’s Leap-Year Courtship won the RONE Award, Novella Category.


Books by Kristin Holt

Please see my Books Page, with links to each series and category of books. Each title has its own dedicated webpage with details, history, links to Pinterest boards, links to historical articles about elements within the books, and so much more!

<strong>Books</strong> by <em>USA Today</em> Bestselling Author Kristin Holt


Nonfiction Articles and Books

I write frequent articles about the nineteenth century American west–every subject of possible interest to readers, amateur historians, authors… as all of these tidbits surfaced while researching for my books. I also blog monthly at Sweet Americana Sweethearts (first Friday of each month) and, in the past, blogged for Romancing the Genres and Sweet Romance Reads where you’ll still find my true-to-history content.

In 2018, I contributed to a collection of thirty-one Christian Authors’ devotionals: Who I Want to Be: A Devotional Journey Through the Book of Matthew. That first nonfiction publication (other than my numerous historical blog post articles) opened the gateway, I suppose. As a result, I published a special handbook to assist doctor’s offices who treat chronic pain patients. This book accompanies a training I designed, and wow, was it a beautiful morning with that team of professionals.


I love to hear from readers!

I love to hear from readers. Please click on the CONTACT tab and drop me a note. Or find me on Facebook, including lots of fun group interaction between readers and authors of western historical romance (see Social Media section, below).


Happy Reading!

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Standing in Defiance of Bigotry

For Writers

See my new page with resources for writers–everything I use, love, and recommend to writer friends. I don’t love it (and know it from first-hand use), it’s not listed. Check back often. I keep my pages constantly updated. This one will be a work in progress for a long while.

For Writers, a Page on Kristin Holt's official website

For Writers, a Page on Kristin Holt’s official website

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