Romance Awareness Month is an annual designation observed in August.



Being aware of and adding more romance into your relationship will be a win-win for both you and your significant other. Romance has always been a very important part of relationships. Sometimes it is the little things that really make a big difference, such as; holding a hand, rubbing a shoulder, a flower, dinner, a song, a note, watching a movie together, etc..


Romance Awareness Month is also a great time to catch up on some reading with the wide selection of romance novels that are available. [emphasis added]


If posting on social media use #RomanceAwarenessMonth.



The origin of Romance Awareness Month has not been determined.


~ National Day Calendar

We all know what romance is, but a dictionary definition provides perspective:

Romance, defined. Courtesy of Google.

Some of the meanings of the word mean to look at the world in a falsely positive light. e.g., “I am romanticizing the past.”

One goes so far as to suggest that romantic fiction is “dealing with love in an idealized way”. I prefer the first part of that original definition sentence… “dealing with love in a sentimental or an idealized way.”


As a romance novelist, I might choose to see the best in romantic relationships. I believe in happily-ever-afters. I want resounding joy…for myself and my husband of thirty years, for each of our adult children. Romance is more than an idealized view of an involved couple, through rose-tinted glasses. Romance is evident in day-to-day choices in a long-term marriage…like my husband’s willingness to do the little things to bring me joy and contentment. Still. Even though the honeymoon ended thirty years ago, the romance did not. He romances me every single day, and I try to do the same. He prepares dinner, after a long day at work, because I’m in bed with a terrible headache. And he sends me sweet text messages, as if we were still dating.

Because we are.


Whether you’re married, in a committed relationship, between relationships, single, or hating this concept of “Romance Awareness Month” as much as you detest Valentine’s Day, I assume you love romantic fiction, of you’d likely not still be on my site. So we’ll work with what we have. Something in this list of my personal Top 15 will strike a chord within you.

Here they are! (in no particular order)

1.  Take time to read a romance novel, novella, or short story.

2.  Take time to review any romance read–writing a helpful review isn’t hard.

3.  Recommend a romance read, without a review. It’s as simple as a post on your Facebook page. Something like “I just read (title) and enjoyed it a lot.” If it’s a book you read years ago, try this: “I find myself still thinking about (title) by (author). Read it years ago. Story is still with me.”

4. Use the hastag: #RomanceAwarenessMonth. See a romantic comedy? Snap a pic in front of the movie banner and use the hashtag on social media. Read a book? Use the hashtag with a picture of the cover (or your kindle) on social media. Use the hashtag with a review.

5.  Open a Goodreads account if you don’t have one yet. Explore the many lists readers build there. I’ll recommend searching for favorite romances. Add one you can’t wait to read to your TBR “shelf”.

6.  Pass along a romance novel you enjoyed to a friend. Paperbacks are easy to lend. Did you know it’s easy to lend (for a maximum of 2 weeks) any kindle edition book that the publisher made lend-able? (Be advised–each title may be loaned once.)

7.  Invite a friend, coworker, or family member to see a chick-flick at the theater.

8.  Watch a chick-flick at home. DVDs might be a bit outdated (already), but Amazon Video offers a wealth of selections–including romances. Learn how, here.

9.  Record stories you’ve heard about how family members met, fell in love, married, etc. Do you know your grandparents’ story? Your parents? Write them down for posterity. Your own kids might be grateful for the recorded love story of their ancestors…at least by the time they grow up.

10.  Did you know Amazon Prime now opened up a whole new library of books–PRIME READING–available for you to borrow, free of charge? [No need to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.] Good news! Prime Reading has a romance category. (<–Bestsellers in Prime Reading, Romance category, further divisible into Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Suspense Romance, and Paranormal Romance). Try a new (to you) romance!

11.  Invite your significant other on a date. Spend quality time together doing something you both enjoy.

12.  Have you LISTENED to a romance novel? Why not now? Audible is amazing! (Why turn down TWO free audiobooks!–including romances)

13.  Try your hand at writing a romance short story. If you love reading, you just might discover a love of writing romance too!

14.  Write a love note to your significant other. [Just an idea… but one I think has merit. If that special person isn’t present in your life right now (deceased, you’ve split up, or he’s not asked directions to find you yet), write that letter. Explain your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Ask for what you’d like to have happen. No one said you must mail or otherwise deliver the letter.] Love letters were once a huge part of romance between a courting couple–and married couples. I’m sad they’ve fallen out of fashion.

15.  If you’ve yet to try Kindle Unlimited, it’s a fantastic subscription service, letting big-time romance readers like you and me enjoy ALL the books we want, for one manageable and LOW price! Right now, the first month is free!

How will YOU observe Romance Awareness Month? Please scroll down and reply! I genuinely want to know.

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