I made it up. Most of it, that is.

As far as my research can uncover, there never has been, nor is there now, a place called Prosperity in the state of Colorado (nor in what was once the Colorado Territory). “Prosperity” seemed like a name that miners would come up with in order to draw prospective brides… naming it Mud Hole wouldn’t have been nearly so attractive.

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So while a place named Prosperity is fictional, virtually everything else is based on history, Colorado’s rich mining history, factual products, documented circumstances, and patterned after many other similar historical towns.

Leadville, CO, the nearest railroad hub, isn’t just the town down the canyon from Prosperity where our cast of miners meet the mail order brides— it’s a real place. Leadville played a leading role in the era and much mining took place in Leadville and surrounding areas. That’s partly why it made the cut when railroad companies determined where to lay tracks and which towns would receive this honor… and which would be bypassed.

All descriptions of nature around Prosperity is accurate. I’ve vacationed in the Colorado Rockies and live in the Rocky Mountains myself. I put a dot on the map in the canyon and created a high mountain valley where Prosperity would reside. For that altitude, region, and forest, I looked up everything from genus and species of deciduous and coniferous trees to average rainfall, average temperatures, and details on climate. I researched the county wherein my mining camp is and took into consideration their history, commerce, mining’s influence, and more.

Hence the blend of fiction with reality.

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