History: The Marshal’s Surrender

History: The Marshal’s Surrender

Note: The purpose of this page is to provide clickable access to the historical information behind the novella, The Marshal’s Surrender. This content is found in the back of the kindle edition (with links) and in the back of the new paperback edition (without links). This page will allow paperback readers to access the content behind the explanation of the true-to-life Victorian American setting. History: The Marshal’s Surrender

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Kristin Holt | Dear Reader

Dear Reader

The Marshal’s Surrender–“Gus’s Story”–has been simmering on the back burner for more than two years. The tentative title began as A Christmas Courtship, then morphed to The Sheriff’s Surrender, and eventually became the best-fitting (IMHO) The Marshal’s Surrender. History: The Marshal’s Surrender

Why did it have to cook “for a month of Sundays”?


Perhaps my best answer is a combination of what I suspect and what I know.

First, I suspect this book was harder to write than many of my previous efforts. “Harder” in the sense that many of the issues both Gus and Noelle combat in order to feel worthy of love and dare take the risk with each other, hoping that their relationship just might grow roots and last are more my own than previous characters. You could say much of my heart is in this story.

First, Second, and Third

Secondly, I know many readers are less enamored of “Christmas Stories” than I am. I could happily read Christmas-set stories at least every-other-title. Something about Christmas Romances fill my heart with contentment–just what sweet western historical romance should do (once the characters battle through their challenges, difficulties, grow, learn, and commit of course). Christmas-themed romances tend to have elements of family, trust, honor, giving, awareness of the needs of others, faith and so much more. Those themes always appeal to me, set at Christmastime or not.

When all is said and done, I’m so pleased to finally have The Marshal’s Surrender ready to share with you. History: The Marshal’s Surrender

U.S. Marshals

So, not to change topics suddenly or anything, but is Marshal spelled with one L, or Marshall, with two? According to Merriam-Webster, marshal is correct (in American English), and a variant spelling (less commonly) is marshall. The U.S. Marshals Service website spells their name with one L. Given Gus served as a U.S. Marshal, it made sense to follow their lead.

Apparently a double-l is used in some European countries. Wikipedia gives an answer that disagrees with most online dictionaries (so does this mean we don’t trust Wikipedia?). Ultimately, Marshall is the more common spelling of surnames, and either spelling is passable when referencing the law enforcement role. I’m writing several brief blog articles specifically about the fascinating history of the U.S. Marshals. I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy these tidbits from American history that set the stage for Gus’s law enforcement experience prior to Mountain Home and his job as Sheriff.

This Noelle

This month, December 2016, I have a shorter novella prepared as a gift to readers. This Noelle is a prequel of sorts to the Holidays in Mountain Home Series (book #0.5) that will be available only as a gift to subscribers to my newsletter. Why? Because I genuinely want to give generously to my readers. This story, set in Mountain Home, Colorado in 1881, is about 20 years earlier than the other 4 numbered books in the series, and 1 ½ years after the unnumbered novella connected to the series Courting Miss Cartwright. All you have to do to add yourself to my holiday gift-giving list is to sign up for my once-in-a-while newsletter (I promise to safeguard your email address, never share/rent/give/disclose/sell it to anyone else, and to send newsletters only when I have something to say I think you might like to hear. Every emailed newsletter has an unsubscribe link so it’s easy to disconnect if you don’t want to hear from me anymore.

Annual Gift?

I’m toying with the idea of committing to a new, available-only-to-my-newsletter subscribers novella for each and every upcoming Christmas. Would you like that? Drop me a note through my website, or send me a direct email if you prefer [Kristin (at) KristinHolt (dot) com]. Note: Kristin is e-free! I enjoy hearing from readers and do my best to respond to every last (reasonable) email from readers. So, if you have feedback, ideas, an answer to my question (about an annual holiday gift through my newsletter), questions (upcoming book releases, for example), or just want to say hi, please contact me. I’ll enjoy hearing from you.

Oh–if you’re reading this well past December 2016, please know that This Noelle will be available somewhere. If it’s no longer the exclusive gift to newsletter subscribers, I’ve probably made it available elsewhere. Check out my Books page on my website for links to all of my titles. History: The Marshal’s Surrender

Coming Soon

If you enjoyed The Marshal’s Surrender or other books I’ve written, you might want to bookmark my Books page and check back often. I have several books coming out right after these two Christmas titles. Pleasance’s First Love (Book #3 in Six Brides for Six Gideons AND #6 in a new multi-author series Grandma’s Wedding Quilts) debuts on January 13, 2017. Gunsmoke and Gingham, a multi-author boxed set containing my title, The Gunsmith’s Bride, will publish on February 1, 2017. And on February 24, 2017, Mirror Press (who published Mail Order Bride Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology containing my title, WANTED: Midwife Bride and made the USA Today Bestseller List!) brings you my title, Sophia’s Leap-Year Courtship. All five of these titles are NEW, never-before released, and will hopefully bring you as much enjoyment reading them as I had in writing them.

Wishing you and yours a most joyful holiday season. May the light of Christmas last a little longer in your heart this year.

With warmest appreciation,

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