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Category: Multi-Author Series

Some titles by Kristin Holt aren’t easily categorized into her own series titles. They are, however, easy to alphabetize. Kristin’s Book Page lists Kristin’s Series and other categories, including Category: Multi-Author Series.

Each series Kristin has contributed to will be listed individually, with links to the Book Page for each. Note the offered links for the rest of the series. Note: some of my Multi-Author Contribution Series overlap with my personal series. This is a common brand strategy among authors of Western Historical Romance. Readers enjoy continuing with an author’s story world, but love experiencing that story world through the eyes of the multi-author series. (And thereby meet new-to-them authors!)

American Mail-Order Bride Series

In a groundbreaking and unprecedented publishing event, 48 authors banded together. We wrote 50 titles in the American Mail-Order Bride Series. The titles were unified by the strong branding of the covers and by consistency in titling. Another connection is that all books began with a common event in 1890. Each title starts with the bride’s first name, a colon, then Bride of ____. We went through all fifty states (and territories) in the order in which they were granted statehood. In the end, FIFTY books in one series. What a blast!Category: Multi-Author Series.

I had the privilege of writing Lessie: Bride of Utah (#45) and Josie: Bride of New Mexico (#47).

For much more about each title, please see the Book Description Page for each twin sister’s story:

Multi-Author Series Book Description: Lessie, Bride of Utah by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt.

Multi-Author Series "Book Description: Josie, Bride of New Mexico, American Mail-Order Brides, #47, by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt..

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series was written by several authors connected by our association at Sweet Americana Sweethearts. Twelve Novellas, including the prequel, written by twelve different authors. Each title is a sweet, stand-alone, and clean romance, all set in 19th Century America. I tied my contribution, Pleasance’s First Love, to my Six Brides For Six Gideons Series. (Pleasance’s First Love is also listed in my Six Brides for Six Gideons Series Listing.)

"Grandma's Wedding Quilt Series: A Legacy of Love", a multi-author series of sweet western historical romances, fully published. Including Pleasance's First Love by Author Kristin Holt.

Link to this multi-author series: Grandma's Wedding Quilts Series

Grandma's Wedding Quilts Series on Amazon

Grandma’s Wedding Quilts Series on Amazon


Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One

Last year (2018), I had the pleasure of associating with a fine group of ladies who collectively published an 8-book series of novels and novellas all connected by faith, Thanksgiving Day, the nineteenth century, and sweet romance. Oh, and books. <grin>

My contribution to Thanksgiving Books & Blessings: Unmistakably Yours by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt. Category: Multi-Author Series.

A multi-author series: UNMISTAKABLY YOURS Book Description by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt.

The fun continues! Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection Two is underway! The series for 2019 will publish in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Books & Blessings, Collection Two for 2019. Please Join us on Facebook!.

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