Book Birthday: Welcome, Cowboys & Calico (includes opening scene!)

Book Birthday: Welcome, Cowboys & Calico (includes opening scene!)


Update on 11-1-16:


As planned by the authors at the conception of this group project, this anthology was available for a very limited time, scheduled to be unpublished on Halloween night at midnight, thus allowing each author to publish their novella elsewhere–whether on multiple eBook sales websites, in another box set, or individually. Now that Cowboys & Calico has been discontinued, please know if YOU purchased a copy, it’s safely on your kindle or kindle app for you to read and your leisure. If you borrowed it, I’m sorry….it’s gone. The good news is most of the stories if not all will be available soon by each contributing author.


Courting Miss Cartwright (my title) is available NOW!


Kristin Holt | New Release: Courting Miss Cartwright


Read on, because the entire opening scene is still in this blog post, below.


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New Release!

Cowboys & Calico

Western Historical Romance Boxed Set

5 New Novellas from:

Kirsten Osbourne, Amelia C. Adams, Cassie Hayes, Kristin Holt, and Margery Scott


Kristin Holt -Link to Book Description: Courting Miss Cartwright


Opening Scene of my novella (contained within the anthology):


Title Layout. Courting Miss Cartwright


Kristin Holt | Cover Art Image: Courting Miss Cartwright

Mountain Home, Colorado
Monday, July 7, 1879


Rocky Gideon’s rotten mood darkened tenfold.

The reading of Cedric Cartwright’s last will and testament was supposed to be simple. Quick. Just immediate family.

And no surprises.

Never had he suspected the family attorney, W.W. Stuart, would enter his office with a most unwelcome bit of history trailing behind.

That bit of unwelcome history had a name: Felicity Percival.

Rocky had never met the young woman, but her identity was unmistakable, given she looked more like Cartwright than Cartwright himself.

The news would undoubtedly invoke a grand pyrotechnic display.

He doubted Temperance knew about Felicity–hence the impending fireworks.

Temperance reclined on the settee and fanned herself. Her eyes closed, her crossed ankles in shiny button-up shoes rested on the upholstery.

Mr. Stuart hung his hat on the coat tree and dropped his leather satchel beside it. Without a word, he took his seat behind his heavy oak desk. “Let’s begin.” He withdrew a folder from a drawer and opened it.

Stuart’s youth showed in a head of thick blond hair and a hint of fullness about his cheeks. The boy looked too young to practice law. But his credentials had checked out and The Reverend Cartwright had trusted him.

Temperance shifted, glancing at Stuart, then took notice of Felicity Percival, halted awkwardly in the middle of the room. Mr. “Stuart? Who is this?”

Rocky braced his arms on the back of Temperance’s settee and watched his sweetheart. If she knew about Felicity Percival, she’d put two and two together.

“Miss Cartwright.” W.W. Stuart nodded at Temperance with deference. “Mr. Rocky Gideon, may I introduce Miss Felicity Percival, of St. Louis.”

Still no recognition. Not good.

“Miss Percival, Miss Cartwright is the sole surviving child of The Reverend and Mrs. Cedric Cartwright, both of whom are recently deceased.”

Ah, so carefully worded.

Miss Percival gave a jerking nod, then set down a satchel as dusty and careworn as her person. As if stupefied by the news of another offspring, she clasped one hand over her mouth, the other tightly about her waist. Perhaps she’d burst into laughter, tears, or hysterics. She lowered herself with excruciating slowness into a hard-seated chair.

“I don’t understand.” Temperance folded her fan with a snap. Her boots landed on the carpet with a muffled thud. “I know all my cousins. Who are you, Miss Percival?”

Rocky clenched his fists, squeezed his eyes shut, and cursed Cedric Cartwright soundly in Yiddish and English. Shame on Cedric for divulging his past to his sweet, tender-hearted daughter in this manner. Shame on him for doing this to both daughters.

Felicity straightened her spine. She eyed Temperance, then Rocky, ultimately turning her attention squarely on the attorney. “Mr. Stuart, I believe the responsibility for a thorough introduction falls to you, sir.”

Rocky had to respect the woman’s mettle.

“I comprehend Miss Cartwright. Why don’t you begin,” Miss Percival continued, her gaze never leaving Stuart, “by explaining who Mr. Gideon is?”

With a sigh, Stuart stood and circled the desk. “Mr. Gideon is courting Miss Cartwright. He is here, no doubt, to safeguard her interests, though I assure you her father did.”

Rocky pressed a comforting hand on Temperance’s shoulder. Fireworks in five, four, three.

“Miss Percival,” Stuart gestured with a flourish, “is named in the will as she is also a direct descendant of Ced–“

What?” Temperance shrieked. She shrugged Rocky’s touch away. Bright pink splotched her pale cheeks.

“Miss Percival,” Stuart repeated, “is also your father’s daughter.”

No, no, no.” Temperance wilted.

Rocky reached for her even as she collapsed in a faint.

With his jaw locked, he gently laid Temperance back on the settee. He slipped around the couch and lifted her feet onto the upholstery. He opened her lace and silk fan and waved it before her face, trying to give her some air. “What were you thinking, man, to deliver word like that without preparing her? Make yourself useful and fetch smelling salts.”


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Book Birthday: Welcome, Cowboys & Calico (includes opening scene!) Book Birthday: Welcome, Cowboys & Calico (includes opening scene!)