Book Description: Lessie, Bride of Utah

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Lessie, Bride of Utah

American Mail-Order Brides Series

Book #45

Violet 45 - 200

[Rated PG]

*Sweet Romances Appropriate for All Audiences*

Lessie and her twin sister Josie are entirely on their own. When the Brown Textile Mill burns and Lessie loses her job, long-unemployed Josie insists they seize the opportunity for a fresh start with a pair of husbands in Utah Territory… their best chance of remaining together.

The illusion shatters minutes after the wedding ceremonies when Lessie’s new husband Richard Cannon sends the other couple far away to New Mexico Territory. Cannon Mining is under attack from within, and Lessie’s husband requires her help to bridge the chasm between his silver-spoon upbringing and the workers he employs— men who won’t hesitate to kill to achieve their goals.

Can a genuine and abiding love be forged from a marriage of convenience?

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Lessie debuted January 2nd, 2016, one of fifty related books in the American Mail-Order Brides Series that were released one per day November 19th, 2015 through January 7, 2016.

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